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Cigarette Gantry’s and the existing tobacco regulations


As the new tobacco regulations have now been in force for several months most retailers will be fully aware of the changes to the way we display cigarettes and tobacco.  For those shop owners new to the retail trade at Shopfitting Supplies we can answer all your questions and guide you to the right cigarette gantry or cigarette display cupboard.

Points to consider

  • All tobacco, cigarettes and cigars cannot be displayed in an open cupboard

  • You do not have to remove the tobacco products just enclose them within a cigarette gantry complete with closing sliding doors (referred to as going dark)

  • When selling to a customer always check that the person is over 18 years of age before opening your cigarette display cupboard or gantry

  • You may open the cigarette gantry whilst serving your customer, then close immediately after.

Choosing the right cigarette gantry / cigarette storage cupboard

At Shopfitting Supplies we can supply the cigarette gantry to suit your exact requirements whether floor standing with a base cupboard, wall mounted or to sit on your wall shelving we have the unit to match your needs.  If you already have slatwall boards and shop shelving we can match your cigarette gantry to all your existing fixtures. If not we would be happy to quote for any shop fittings you may need.  All our display cabinets are manufactured to a high standard in the UK and available in a range of colours and wood finishes complementing your existing colour scheme.  We pride ourselves at offering fantastic quality at affordable prices.

Unsure! Need advice?

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The humble clothes rail

Clothes rails are an essential addition to the fashion trade and many households across the UK.  Strong and durable our flat pack rails are easy to assemble and dismantle and fit easily into your car should you need to transport them.


This simple dress rail has many uses:

  • Stockroom clothes storage

  • Clothing display rail

  • Moving stock around your store

  • Car boot rails

  • Clothes rails for home use

  • For use in temporary accommodation

These heavy duty metal clothes rails have been our best seller for years, we have hundreds of happy customers.  A durable garment rail that stands the test of time, made from strong steel tube then finished in a choice of vibrant colours, plain black or chrome plated.   Our new exciting range of coloured clothes rails are powder coated to the highest standard as our black clothes rails.   Super quality rails at low prices.   Accessories are available for adding extra height and additional middle rails for maximum storage.

black straight rails

Perfect for Student accommodation

Forget all the stress and expense of buying and then fitting wardrobes simply choose from our range of vibrant coloured clothes rails, order on line and your dress rail will be with you the very next day.  A quick and easy solution at a very low cost!

Centre Bar

Home clothes storage

Why not de clutter your wardrobes and free that space!  You will be surprised how much more organised your life will become.  All those clothes you never wear yet can’t bear to part with why not invest in a dress rail for your spare room or garage and store them away!   We have all been accused of taking up far too much space in the wardrobe leaving none for our partners….


There’s no room, there’s no space

An angry stare upon his face

Oh husband dear you know the score

There’s plenty of room left on the floor

The wardrobe doors will barely shut

My rooms a mess I’m in a rut

I search the web to my surprise

The answer to my problem lies

A dress rail that is very strong

Sizes 4 to 6 feet long

My rail arrives next working day

A low cost rail, not much to pay

Shopfitting Supplies, what can I say

Thank you so much! You’ve saved the day


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