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Bonfire Night


Shake off the cobwebs this Bonfire night and celebrate one of our favourite events!  With millions of pounds generated from firework sales  Guy Fawkes night is a welcome boost to Shop retailers nationwide.

Create the perfect firework display and add one of our stylish glass cabinets or glass counters to your retail sales area.  At Shopfitting Supplies we have a shop counter to suit all budgets – So take a look at our range of:  Used counters – Economy counters – New glass counters and Bespoke counters with years of experience and 5 Star Reviews you will be amazed.

Remember! Remember!  Safety first and always choose a lockable counter display.


Guy Fawkes night – A gunpowder plot

A blazing reminder in case we forgot

A cache of explosives hidden below

The House Of Lords – ready to blow!

James the first – they planned to replace

With all his advisors – leaving no trace

The history dates back to 1605!

The people lit bonfires to say ‘ He’s Alive’

A tradition now known as Bonfire Night

With raging bonfires burning bright

Now we celebrate in a light hearted way

With fireworks – sparklers and children at play

So light up your shop with a fiery glow

An explosive new look that’s ready to go

Boost up your sales with profits on fire!

View Shopfitting Supplies for displays to inspire

Do not delay – just give us a call

With 5 STAR REVIEWS a great service to all.






Halloween Time!

halloween-giphyHalloween is fast approaching so dust off the cobwebs and create a retail display that will scare off all your competitors.  Update your shelving system and boost sales with a hauntingly good Halloween display.  With modern day Halloween celebrations this ancient Celtic holiday had fast become less about ghosts and ghouls and more about trick or treat!  So don’t miss out on all the hype and maximise every inch of your spooky space with a new or used retail display.

 Whatever your budget Shopfitting Supplies will give you a scarily good price!  Halloween is now a popular community based event with both children and adults embracing this ghoulish tradition.  so cross the bridge into the world of ghosts and ghouls and get prepared for all the merriment with your own stunning Halloween product display.


Ghosts and Ghouls, the walking dead
Haunting thoughts invade my head
Scary costumes – Trick or Treat!
The display next door is hard to beat
But I am determined that’s what I need
So I search the web and twitter feed
with ancient tales –  All 5 Star Reviews
Good Service rituals – the one to choose
I’m out of the dark and in to the light
Fantastic displays with prices just right
Shopfitting Supplies a Halloween treat
Folklore of the north-  the ones to beat!
I give them a call – no gimmick – no trick
Just wonderful service and delivery so quick
I’m scarily happy my profits are high
Shopfitting Supplies – The white witch of then skies!!!