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Christmas is almost upon us so it is the ideal time for all shop retailers to create their Christmas display.  At Shopfitting Supplies we will advise you the best way to maximize every inch of your retail display area.  As Christmas is the busiest time for retailers it is essential that you create an eye catching shop display to tempt your customers into your store.

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I have written a list of easy tips which may help when choosing your display fixtures and shop equipment.

Planning your floor space

Empty wall space will not generate sales so utilise every inch of your shop walls.  The two most popular retail display systems are slatwall panels and free standing wall shelving.  Depending on the type of products you are selling will determine which is better for you or a mix of both is a great idea.

Slatwall Panels

The slatwall panel has become a staple must have for thousands of retailers, warehouses and even for home use.  The board fixes easily onto your wall covering every inch of available space (around cupboards, over doors, pillars) with a choice of slatwall jointing strips and coloured or aluminium inserts to tidy up all the edges.  The slatwall boards are available in a range of colours and wood finishes making it easy to match your existing colour scheme.  Once the display panels are fixed the slatwall accessories simply slot easily into the board for a versatile easy changeable product display.  At Shopfitting Supplies we have a wide range of slatwall accessories to choose from including: slatwall hooks, slatwall D rails, Slatwall shelves, glass shelves, slatwall acrylic accessories and much more.  For friendly advice on the right accessory to suit your products just call us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your choice.

Wall Shelving Units

Retail shop shelving is a popular choice with many retailers such as convenience shops, home wares stores, Diy shops, newsagents, pound shops, supermarkets and more.  At Shopfitting Supplies we stock quality metal shop shelving which is fully compatible to many 50mm pitch shelving systems such as Evolve S50 shelving, Eden shelving, Tegometall shelving and more.  If you would like to purchase spare parts for your existing shop shelving just give us a call and we will try our best to match your system with either used shelving or new shelving.  With 35 years of experience there are not many systems we have not seen before so you are in good hands. Our free standing wall shelving  are easy to fit as there are no nuts or bolts it simply slots together.  All you have to do is simply choose from silver shelving or cream coloured shelving and then decide on your shelf layout.  You can choose from slatwall metal backpanels to the traditional peg panels which will give you an area on your shelving unit for displaying bagged items.  As all the units are fully interchangeable you can have a mix of flat shelves, peg board panels or slatwall panals above with either peg hooks or slatwall hooks to suit.  It can all sound a little confusing so we are just a call away on 01772 886276.


Gondola Display for the centre of your shop

Slatwall gondola units make a stylish display for the centre of your retail shop.  Available in many colours and wood finishes with a choice of coloured slatwall inserts to choose from.  At Shopfitting Supplies we offer a bespoke service as well as our standard range for our customers who would like a specific size or design.   As with the slatwall panels there are a full range of accessories available for next day delivery to choose from whatever your products you will find the right accessory.  A full range of shop counters are also available in a range of colours and wood finishes made to match your slatwall display units and slatwall boards. Are you on a budget?  Why not view our used shopfittings section as we often stock used shop counters, used slatwall gondola units, used wall shelving and more.


Images Taken At The Fabulous Barton Grange Garden Centre

Gondola metal shelving units are available from stock to match your wall units, as with the wall units the gondola is a double sided shelving unit all free standing and quick and easy to erect with no nuts or bolts.  When planning the layout of your shelving remember to allow enough space in the isles between the wall units and the gondolas units so that your customers have enough space to shop in comfort.  Remember prams and wheel chairs need to be allowed for.  Also bear in mind the height of your gondola.  The standard height of a centre gondola shelving unit is approximately 1410mm high, this is so you do not restrict the light too much and that you can see over the top of the unit and keep an eye out for theft etc.  If however you have a good security system in place you can plan your shop layout with higher gondola units.

Shopfitting Accessories

A range of accessorise are available with this quality shelving – plastic risers and dividers for separating products on your shelf, metal peg panels and peg hooks for bagged items, slatwall metal panels to maximise display with a range of slatwall accessories, crisp baskets, metal back bars with drop over bars, glass brackets and more.  If you need a certain type of shelving  item that you do not see on our website just ask and we will try our best to source it for you.  Remember this quality metal shelving is now available in a stunning silver colour.   A popular choice of gondola display is a metal gondola unit with wood slatwall end units fixed to either end of the gondola, this display maximises every inch of your unit and creates impulse buys.

Display Baskets & Dump Bins

Choose from our range of wire dump baskets and stacker baskets.  These baskets are a low cost ideal way to fill that awkward space or perfect for promotional items or special offers.  Dump bins are a great way of promoting sale offers or end of line sales.  Stacker baskets can be displayed in a stack on the floor or placed singularly onto your shelving, an ideal display system for all those loose items such as small soft toys, Christmas baubles, loose packet items and more.



As Christmas approaches I am feeling the stress

What can I do my shops in a mess!

Racks overflowing there’s not much display

I have been putting it off day after day

I need some help with what system to choose

With friendly advice I have nothing to lose

Yet I am on a budget and money is tight

So I choose a used system as the price is just right

Next day delivery – I can now see the light

My Christmas display looks sparkling and bright

Next year I am sure I won’t leave it so late

To call Shopfitting Supplies on an earlier date

Feeling relaxed and full of good cheer

As sales are now up on this time last year

I click on the site to write a review

Shopfitting Supplies – A BIG THANK YOU!


Hope you enjoyed my blog, thank you for reading 

Deborah Hayward

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